Your Body is Science

Your Body is Science

This Youth Level Package is an introductory program created by Coach 5050SP for athletes from the ages of 6 – 12. The training is specially dedicated and designed to the younger athlete to help them understand the importance of speed training mechanics.

In this package, our staff will cover a wide variety of performance enhancement drills. The athletes will be taught how to perform specific drills and fundamental techniques that will enhance and improve their speed and explosiveness. 5050’s philosophy is to combine these crucial aspects of performance for the younger athlete so they can establish a foundation for improvement regardless of their skill level. Athletes will work with Coach Thal Woods and his staff, and when ever possible professional athletes attending training programs.

Athletic Development Package Includes:

  • Basic and fundamental technique
  • Running development and coordination drills
  • Essential Movements
  • Explosive first step
  • Shirt and Nutrition Handout

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