Drew Brown

drew_bio_detailDrew is a Body Performance Specialist with over 4 years of experience in assisting individuals in creating healthier lifestyles and achieving their fitness goals. As a former college and now professional athlete, He is able to use his own personal experiences to help motivate and encourage fitness clients. His knowledge of human anatomy, biomechanics, exercise science, sports Management, and fitness testing enable him to design individualized fitness and nutrition programs for 50/50 clients. He is often looked at by local athletes to serve as a guide for strength and performance improvement and correction.

Drew’s outstanding athletic background in high school (Thomas Jefferson High school) as a multisport athlete (football, basketball, track and rugby) helped him to continue into his athletic career at Hastings College. where he earned a full 4 year scholarship for football and academics and also was an student assistant coach his last year. He received a BA in Sports Recreational management with a sports management emphasis.

Drew has been training with Thal Woods since 2011 and has shared his extensive knowledge of what it takes to be a trained athlete as well as a disciplined professional during the time he was doing summer internship for Woods. Drew trains athletes and the general public. Drew Brown is Partner of 50/50 Sports Performance.