Ask me a question—I tell no lies

If you could ask me any question you could think of pertaining to obtaining your fitness and health management goals what would it be?

Before you yell out an answer remember, this should be the one question that you feel would help your understanding the most. While you think about that, here are some questions asked by a few  readers…

  • Q: When lifting, is it better to do the exercise slow and controlled or fast and rapid?
    A: The best way to ensure both proper muscle growth and form during any exercise would be to go through the full range of motion(show pic) and control the contraction of the muscle throughout the entire range of motion, as opposed to  lifting as much weight as you can as fast as you can.
  • Q: “I’m a hard gainer( one that cant put on lean muscle weight) that just cant seem to put on any muscle or gain weight  no matter what I do, do you have any suggestions?”
    A: “Hard gainers” should be eating foods that are dense in complex carbohydrates  ie. Whole grain cereal, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, malto meal, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta and brown rice. (3g per pound of body weight; 3g x 180lbs= 540g of carbs)
  • Q: If I’m trying to stay lean, should I eliminate all fats from my diet?
    A: No not all fats, just the right fats should be eliminated from your diet.  The proper fats to consume are omega 3 fats(salmon, trout, sardines, fish oils supplements), mono and poly unsaturated fats(nuts, seeds, avocado, olive oil).
  • Q: I’ve been eating breakfast now regularly, for the past 6months and have noticed a change in energy throughtout the day and also have loss a few pounds! My question is what is the best thing to eat as soon as you wake up?
    A: When you wake up your body is in a catabolic state(muscle breakdown) due to your fast during sleep. Digesting 20 to 40g of whey protien along with 20 to 40g of fast digesting carbs(simple carbs, ie. 100% juice, sports drink, 1piece of white bread) will quickly put your body in an anabolic(muscle building) state.  About 45 to 60mins after this, have breakfast and enjoy your day!
  • Q: What’s the best and most effective type of cardio that burns the most body fat?
    A: High intensity interval training(a series of short, intense, cardio intervals; lasting any where from 15 to 60mins) this type of cardio is proven to burn three times as many calories as fat does in less time.  Ex. H.I.I.T. workout- 30 sec treadmill/ elyptical/jump rope sprint intervals. Do seven 30 second maximal sprints with 90 second light(walk) to medium(jog) effort rest periods between sprints. (15 minutes).

What’s your question?