Sports Performance Training

korey_hurdlesSports Performance Training

Sports performance training is for anyone looking to improve their physical skill and their game. We combine proper body mechanics with our tested methods of training in:

  • foot speed
  • agility
  • reaction time
  • plyometrics
  • strength training

Our methods have produced proven results for athletes of all levels

50/50 trains individuals and teams as well as develops programs for entire organizations interested in applying our proven methods towards their maximal athletic excellence.

Our programs keep your body moving in ways that are most beneficial to the mechanics of your particular sport

Our movement preparation techniques help to prevent injury and prepare your body to get the most out of every workout. You’ll find that training with 50/50 is always challenging, never boring and promotes continuous improvement. We provide guidance in nutrition, mental acuity and preparation of a training schedule that will give your body the rest it needs along with a tiered approach to put you in the best possible shape, come game time.

50/50 is comprised of degreed professionals in the field of exercise science each with personal experience as professional athletes.  We know what it takes to win!

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